梦想总是在我之前跑。为了赶上,齐心同样,那就是奇迹。〜Anais nin

i can't wait to catch up. eco-preneurship is what i think about most hours of the day.

我的mom gave me the book 'alivelihood' by horst rechelbacher, founder of aveda. it is soooooooooooooooooooo inspiring. i want to run purusha just like horst ran aveda. immaculate. compassionate. holistic. bold. respectful. aware.

不要让我错了 - 我知道有一天我会在这个时候回顾一下,这只是我做了一切,略微长时间 - 但我想以较大的规模以某种方式影响世界。我希望激励其他企业变得更加负责任,就像霍尔斯特激发了我和我对普瑞莎的方法一样。


~a team of kind and healthy people that are nurtured in the workplace. given good healthcare, organic foods, access to exercise and yoga, and a choose your own hours environment. to empower employees to share in the business and decide what kind of work is best for them i think is the key to a happy company.

~to provide fair trade to developing nations with dyes, paints, organic cotton, hemp, and any other materials purusha may need.

〜一个美丽的阳光灿烂的苍白工厂,顶部有线缝纫机,丝网印刷机,织机和染色机。我希望拥有伟大的超现代化机器,以便人类没有难以管理奴隶来管理矛盾。如果机器做大部分工作,我都会喜欢人们来监控它们。我不认为我们本来应该做重复的动作思维的工作 - 对我们来说并不健康。我宁愿让员工致力于创造性设计产品,用于材料,广告等。

~and what really keeps me inspired and dreaming big is that i can create a product that encourages people to take care of themselves! and to love and take care of one's body is the first step to desire to love and care for the planet and its people. dressing in a conscious way in organic materials, so that we can better exercise, move, and live is empowering! i want to empower the world!

dreamworld- what a special place. thank you for taking the time to share in my dreams. and what better way to set intentions than to share them with you all. i've caught up with some of my dreams, but there are always bigger ones on the horizon aren't there?!









i think it's better to just let it all out. i had a good healing cry yesterday with sweet patrick to just be there and hug me. i know he doesn't quite understand, and that's fine with me. i'm happy just for his company and compassion.



and as the circle of things usually does to me, after a bout of sadness i feel absolute gratitude for the life i lead. i get to live with my 2 best friends and wake up next to them every single day. and during that every single day i get to create my own art that people are actually buying and loving! what a miracle!

i'm so thankful for the ups and downs of life, because they always bring me back to this state of humility, compassion, and gratitude.









this morning i made a deal with the universe.

the deal is: we will meet each other half way.

我给予的是我专注的积极想法,我创造的工作,我献上自己的纪律 - 宇宙将提供相同的金额。

this way i feel like i'm not alone; i'm not working on being a sustainable planet entrepreneur on my own. i have help, and i'm attracting what is good to help me along my way.

when i fill my head with beautiful focus to go for what i dream, i realize the world and the universe's energy is giving me that extra push i need to live the life i imagine.

i truly believe the universe supports those that are looking to create and share what is good for the planet and its people, as well as for future generations. big businesses that are run carelessly and irresponsibly are not sustainable. a business model that focuses solely on profits and doesn't give a damn about the environment, the people that ultimately are the business- the workers!, and neglects the needs of the next generations is doomed to fail. the planet cannot support it, and we are seeing this more and more with the degradation and degeneration of plant and animal life throughout the world. nature knows best and will not put up with our human bullshit for long! we need to get our act together and stop trampling what gives us life, and start offering respect for the universe that birthed us conscious beings.



photo c/o无所畏惧


love is all around!

christmas, i'm pretty sure, is my favorite day of the year. i sure get spoiled with love, good food, warmth, hugs, and lots 'o presents!



me surrounded by presents!!

妹妹 kate and her mate chris

hoochie does not like patrick's new harmonica!



we hiked westledge mountain in simsbury.



i was kinda sad to see the day go; and had a nice little cry like a baby while laying on the floor around all my beautiful thoughtful gifts, while talking to my mom about our upcoming move.


今天早上我告诉我的妈妈,我永远是妈妈的女孩。我曾经在学校哭泣(几乎高中!哈哈)因为我想和我的妈妈一起回家,而我的大部分仍然是这样的。就像我只是想在妈妈的怀抱中回家,永远不会离开。到这一天,如果我的妈妈抱着我,我仍然觉得我觉得有史以来很幸福。所以她和我的父亲很快就需要搬到加利福尼亚 - 这就是它的全部!


B.ut today, today is easy. my sister is here for one more day and i'm not doing any work until tomorrow!

so i'm just basking in my presents and soaking up the ease. this morning i put on a whole new outfit gifted from patrick and my parents and kate, practiced (terribly) the new bansuri indian flute patrick got me, made waffles in our new waffle maker, made fizzy water in our new soda stream carbonator thing, drank white sage and mint tea from california from kate, cuddled with patrick and liam, and just watched 2011's worst fails on you tube. epic relaxing day so far i'd say!





happy christmas.

B.e sure of that.
there is no irreverence or faith.
B.ody, mind, heart and soul don’t even exist.
Become this,
fall in Love,
and you will not be separated again." ~ Rumi




christmas eve mantra.

in my yoga practice this morning i reflected on 2011- on my successes and on my failures. both are equally nourishing.

我的chant to myself and to the universe in these last days of the year:

may i be in this safe moment.

may i pay attention to how i spend my time, and devote my precious moments to only what is worthy.

may i continue to break through self imposed walls and barriers so that i never stop growing, evolving, and changing to be a better being.





i have accepted fear as part of life- specifically the fear of change. i have gone ahead despite the pounding in my heart that says: turn back.


我搬到加州帕特里克和利亚姆the end of january. it doesn't really feel real! probably because we haven't started packing or planning too much yet. but in the next few weeks, i will know the change is happening.

我的material life will be placed in boxes.




B.ut there's this whole world out there i don't even know, and if i don't meet it i will be sad.

so i'll take fear and excitement, uneasiness with change too, any day; rather than feel sadness and regret that i stayed for security's sake.

the next month will be busy and brimming with changes, but i am ok with all that comes with it.

and everyone, you're welcome to visit us in california anytime!

happy winter solstice. may changes continue to shape us into better beings than we ever imagined!





let go this morning of your judgments, perceptions, and silly self talk. it's easiest in the a.m. when the mind is still transitioning from the subconscious.

empty out with each breath and watch yourself fill up with what's beautiful and kind. we are love embodied.


the answer.






there's something about the solstice that is so romantic and cozy, isn't there? this week features some of the shortest and darkest days of the year- oh boy!

what these dark days mean to me is inner strength, independence, creativity, comfort, candles, and lots of love!



没有其他事情要做,也没有别的去,而是回到光线中。替代方案是死亡 - 一旦我们经历了生活,我们中的许多人都不希望没有战斗就把这个生命。



hope you all have a beautiful and merry solstice. sending you light and good thoughts! i am grateful to experience all that is life with you in this universe at this moment.

peace and love.



the past couple days really have me thinking, or remembering, just how lucky i am. i'm warm, have healthy good food to eat, plenty of work to do, and lots of positive loving people around me.



i watched the amazing film 'baraka' last night and got a much needed glimpse of how most of the world lives. i haven't traveled to another country in about 5 years now (at least not a 3rd world country- canada doesn't count!), and honestly i am craving that perspective adjustment traveling gives you.

in my sparse travels from what now feels like lifetimes ago, i experienced that constant restart of my internal system. in my early 20's i traveled to the south pacific- samoa, fiji, and american samoa for 3 or 4 months, and then to todos santos, mexico to yandara yoga school for a month. i've only seen like an inch of this globe, but that inch was enough to refresh my memory of how good we have it here in america.





our lives here are so short compared to the span of time, and i long for my life to provide something even minisculely positive to future generations.


the light in me bows to the light in you.



在我的Joni Mitchell连衣裙中深入集中。


happy saturday!

hope you all are having a relaxing happy day!

patrick is obsessed with chess. like me, he has a slightly obsessive personality- tehe. but yeah, he's got like at least 5 chess games going on with friends on his phone and we play pretty frequently now.


昨晚我们玩了一场比赛并决定它是无效的。发生了什么事,我将我的一个白色主教移动到白方 - 所以两个主教都在白色 - 不对!我们都曾经脱颖而出,所以我们叫它退出并观看了Seinfeld的一集并传递了。太可爱了。

what i like about chess:

2。making patrick nervous with moves that i didn't even know where good
3.当我即将失去的时候,我从董事会穿过一个典当,并拿走帕特里克的王 - 真正的非平衡 - 并说'checkmate'。没什么大不了的。
4.将军这样说:check-a-mate-eh。我的妹妹kate and bff colleen and i would say this when we won a level in burgertime on the old nintendo (we were strange children), and at the same time do this odd dangling fist pump, not really a fist pump at all, but like a weak limp wrist attempt at a fist pump.
5. when i lose (which now is every game), throwing a fit and clearing all the pieces of the board in a dramatic swipe of my arm, and then overturning the whole board. it's funny, but it also makes me feel a little better about the loss.

there you have it. chess. patrick loves it because he wins, and i'm thinking i would rather have him win anyways because he takes the losses harder than me!


haha wholescome is another weird word invented by my sister kate-it means 'oh well', pronounced 'holes-come'. try it.


after the game sometimes patrick and i will put the pieces together and laugh, pretending all the pieces are buddies and hang out, mingling in a sort of post game party. how cute!

today i plan on potting amaryllis, grocery shopping, resewing some jeans, and of course- chess!





performing is kind of like a trick, especially in yoga asana.


B.ut i often wonder when i look at some exquisite photo or video of a "yoga master", how did that person get there? what did the process look like, and how sloppy did his or her first hand stand attempt look?

we all start from some point, and for most of us in yoga, we start with very little. we're looking to ease pain in the body, to feel more confident in our skin, to build strength and flexibility, to quiet the mind, to be more calm in life's situations. yet we're each beginning at very different starting lines.


在精神上 - 我被提出的基督徒,在大学里质疑它,尝试了印度教/佛教宗教哲学,追求他们大学追求,现在才抵达我唯一相信的是积极思考和生命的积极思维和仁慈。我不相信有任何上帝为我们看过,但我珍惜生活中的生活。在其他人上没有什么可以等待 - 这是它!生命是终极礼物,我很幸运能够出生,在我身边和什么时候。








happy sunday! xo xo






what if we could see each other's souls only? no breasts, no make up, no toned body, no brands of clothes. how would we decide someone is beautiful?


the foods we put into our body, the exercise we do, the work we create, the relationships we sustain- let them all be positive contributions to our inner self's worth, truth, and beauty.






today, this has become my mantra.

the words came to me from somewhere in my memories while on my run with my puppy boy this afternoon.

some people close to me know this; however i try to keep it hidden, even from myself.

这件事是,我可以hard on myself.

我不会注意到它,因为我没有great at watching my thoughts. i know i am not alone in this way of thinking, so i am hoping my words and my thoughts will influence and bring some of us type a's together to see we don't have to live like this.


i hate to admit it, but i am still a child in many many ways. i'm not fully ready or capable of certain things yet because my brain literally is still developing. this is not an excuse to not be great, i am simply always going to be a work in progress- like my blog's title 'purusha in progress'. i won't ever be done or complete or perfect.


this honestly makes me feel sad for myself. not like 'sorry for myself', but sad that i've allowed my self to be treated so badly. a girl's gotta have time to grow, and to take the steps one at a time. there's no way i will make it up the stairs of my life if i try to take them 6 at a time.


however, there's someone in my head that thinksthey're我的老板。这个老板并不好。她没有看到今天早些时候醒来,我为帕特里克做了一些很好的事情,我在Purusha努力工作(即使我在晚上6-11工作......)。如果它不是根据“完美”计划,那么它就会糟透了。哦,是的,她经常比较我送给其他人,并在犹豫不决的情况下发现一些东西嫉妒。没有开玩笑 - 无论技能,身高,勇敢,大脑,美丽,我没有,意味着老板女士会居住并羡慕它。说真的,这种愚蠢的声音会让我希望我能像Joni Mitchell一样唱Joni Mitchell,霹雳舞,学习生物学,高,养育动物,写书,是一个展位,等等等..........

and well, perhaps i could do all those things; but i know even if i did the crazy boss bitch would still want more, and find more talents to desire and obsess over.

所以我必须练习我的讲道......转动该声音,然后转动自己的内心声音。声音“小小的人”的声音。她的声音听起来像joni mitchell。乔尼,我正在听。

slowly but surely i will become very similar to the person my type a is so aggressively seeking out at this very moment. yet, this person will be better and even more than my ego can imagine, because this woman needs time. time so she can accomplish things beyond anything my ego can dream. she is being born within me, and is gently and deliberately evolving into someone so freaking beautifully beyond instant gratification. she is kind, compassionate, funny, patient, confidant, and open. she is like a flower bud right now, and no way can i force her open or she won't bloom. but i see within her the mighty potential to burst into petals.


little by little- this may be my next purusha t-shirt. ;)




today, i'm feeling it. from every direction.

love's the best isn't it? it makes me care less about ME and my silly little needs. instead i want to give, share, and put others first. having a partner makes this more clear to me, because i can practice at home :).

it's funny, i never thought i would be able to give the things i wanted to someone else, and feel really good about the decision... but love changes you, softening the heart and confronting the ego.


it is the purpose of being human, i believe... to collaborate this love in order to achieve beautiful, universe-altering things.

and it all starts with self love and the ability to love just one other person; to realize how similar we humans are, and how basic are needs are for happiness and satisfaction.





a day is never promised to us, and we forget this all the time.

i am so thankful for every morning, as another chance to live as best we can and not take a thing for granted.





every moment is special because it's new and it's alive and it's ours.


i don't want to have to wait to look back at at how good this all was.


we're all here where we're supposed to be, at this time for a reason. let every blessing and assistance of goodness from people and places we love be a springboard for better things to come.


and one day, we will have opened all our gifts. we want that dawn to be a celebration of the love and appreciation of those gifts of days.

not one day wasted or unappreciated, this is how to be alive.



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