so i'm back home in CA now, returning from my other home in CT.

what a crazy difference between these 2 places. i can't believe they are only a plane ride away. how lucky am i to have 2 beautiful places to call home?!

connecticut was just a really happy time. i hung out at balanced yoga in new haven and met up with the amazingly kind and gorgeous owner lori, went cross country skiing with my mom, went to tons of freakin' hard gym classes with my mom, ate many delicious meals, spent time with my best friends, and lounged by the heavenly pellet stove in my parents house. and took time off from work, which was so needed. to step back and remember... where you come from, who knows you better than anyone, why i dream what i do, what direction i want my life to go towards, when i can come back next... it's like the best recharging of your battery possible, going home.


what else is new... i'm finally almost done putting together a wholesale catalog so i can start selling purusha at stores and yoga studios!, patrick and i are joining a gym (we took spinning yesterday! today i took a weight training class. damn hard. but such a fun contrast to yoga.), i'm listing some new clothing fromthe lori love line,我彻底享受和欣赏顶部的丰富阳光。当它很好的时候,你不能幸福!




it is SO good to be home. better than i ever thought. i can't believe how many AMAZING people are here. my friends and my family, oh my gosh, they are just the greatest. when i'm home i feel fully wrapped up in a circle of love and positivity. and, the lifestyle of not having to work, man, i could get used to it! not that i don't love my work and purusha (i've still been working on other purusha things!); but days spent taking fun classes at the gym with my mom, going to some thrift stores, cooking delicious foods, reading a good novel, they are what joy is made of!

and yesterday we had christmas!!! it felt just like christmas! nice breakfast, exchanged gifts slowly. my parents so generously gave me such thoughtful, timeless gifts. some highlights : small pink pearl earrings, a seafoam lace dress, a canon 60D!!!!, the most beautiful purse from bali ELF on etsy, herkimer diamond earrings from gather jewelry on etsy, and other small sentiments. i am SO SO lucky! ahhhh!!!!!


i'm here until thursday morning, so today i'm gonna keep on living it up! namaste!



i want to be present for it all.

the dull, the difficult, the tiresome... the joyous, the exciting, and the bliss filled.

everyday is a chance to practice showing up for all the equally important moments. there are no moments that don't matter. i want to be here to experience the depth of the emotions as they come and go. fully and richly.

富有。这个词已成为mantra for me. when i look back at my life, i want to think, rich. and i mean rich as in totally full and whole, deep and examined, immense and evolutionary.

i want to be present for it all.


returning to the earth.

this afternoon patrick, liam, and i planted our christmas tree mickey. isn't he cute?! i was kinda sad to see our little tree go, but seeing him outside amongst all his tree friends made me feel a lot better. i mean what a great life right?! mickey was loved and doted on as our baby christmas tree, and now he will grow with love from the sun and the fresh air in topanga. he's all grown up, he's free!

米奇是一个意大利石柱,所以在大约5 - 10年里,他可能看起来像这样:


hope you've had a really nice sunday. xo!


meet the makers.

happy friday!

you guys, it's time to meet nayda. she's the BEST.

nadya now sews all the pants in the shop, as well as about 50% of the tops. she is sooo talented {and sweet, loving, hilariously funny}. i'm beyond lucky to have her on the purusha team! purusha pants are made with either high performance nylon spandex or super high quality thicker than before cotton lycra. our pants will now last sooo much longer and stay the same after many many washings. not to mention the seamstress work is perfection. and, added bonus, clothes are made with heart, by women that are really passionate about our work. i believe clothing made in sweatshops contains a sad energy that does transfer to the wearer. why not wear clothing that's been made with love, so that we may live a more blissed love filled life?!

i updated the 'about' section of my website with a little more info about me, nayda, and purusha. see it here --->meet the makers.

have a peaceful happy weekend! xo.

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